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This is the story of a fighter who wanted to become...

ZeroRanger is a vertically scrolling 2D shoot'em up with heavy emphasis on shooting, dodging and... mystery?

The forces of unknown alien menace GREEN ORANGE have begun their invasion. With the planet's main defense force swiftly taken down, only two secondary fighters remain against the complete defeat.

Blast your way through the enemy forces and unleash your fighter's latent potential!
Unlock new weapons and abilities as you hone your skills against the invaders!
... But even then, is this enough against the true power of your enemy?

The final battle starts now...


  • 8 distinct colours (including GREEN and ORANGE)
  • 4 stages of enlightenment & relentless action
  • 2 playable fighters
  • Local co-op 
  • TATE (screen rotation)
  • Scanline options
  • Colourblind mode 
  • Unlockable extra palettes



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  • Keyboard (remappable):
    • Arrow keys - Move
    • Z - Fire 1/Confirm
    • X - Fire 2/Cancel
    • C - Fire 3
    • Enter - Pause
    • Esc - Exit game
    • F1 - Help display
  • Controller (standard XInput):
    • Joystick/D-pad - Move
    • A - Fire 1/Confirm
    • B - Fire 2/Cancel
    • Y - Fire 3
    • Start - Pause

NOTE: The controller customization will be fully implemented later.


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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I have two problems playing the game:

How do you start multiplayer mode?

How do you modify the controls to use anything else than keyboard keys (e.g. my direct-input controller). Are these known bugs? Will they be addressed in a future patch? If you need more details I'll be happy to provide some.

If I may, what folder is save data located in? I've been having PC troubles as of late so I'd like to be able to continue my progress from where I left off if I have to back things up and move to  new machine/hard drive.

I'd hate to just leave this as my only comment so I'll add that this has been a phenomenal game so far and I'm looking forward to what surprises are still left in store for me.

And thank you!