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This is the story of a fighter who wanted to become...

ZeroRanger is a vertically scrolling 2D shoot'em up with heavy emphasis on shooting, dodging and... mystery?

The forces of unknown alien menace GREEN ORANGE have begun their invasion. With the planet's main defense force swiftly taken down, only two secondary fighters remain against the complete defeat.

Blast your way through the enemy forces and unleash your fighter's latent potential!
Unlock new weapons and abilities as you hone your skills against the invaders!
... But even then, is this enough against the true power of your enemy?

The final battle starts now...


  • 8 distinct colours (including GREEN and ORANGE)
  • 4 stages of enlightenment & relentless action
  • 2 playable fighters
  • 1 endless cycle of life and death
  • Local co-op
  • TATE (screen rotation)
  • Scanline options
  • Colourblind mode & unlockable palettes



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  • Keyboard (remappable):
    • Arrow keys - Move
    • Z - Fire 1/Confirm
    • X - Fire 2/Cancel
    • C - Fire 3
    • Ctrl - Fire 1+2+3
    • Enter - Pause
    • Esc - Exit game
    • F1 - Help display
  • Controller (XInput/DirectInput, remappable):
    • Joystick/D-pad - Move
    • A - Fire 1/Confirm
    • B - Fire 2/Cancel
    • Y - Fire 3
    • RT - Fire 1+2+3
    • Start - Pause
    • Back - Exit game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Action
Tags2D, Arcade, Co-op, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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Any chance of getting a Linux build so this can work on Steam Deck? For me it's not working at all, Fatal Error in Vertex Shader compilation. Could be a DirectX issue when running in Proton, I suppose.

Runs fine with Proton on my laptop

That's not the same thing. For example let's say I want to run the Game on an SBC. How do I do that reliability without a Linux port?

Depends heavily on the SBC. If it has an x64 processor, then Linux + Proton would probably work fine. If it has an ARM chip, like a Raspberry Pi, you'd be lost either way. ARM-based SBCs don't run using "normal" Linux. They need special ARM versions of Linux, which themselves need ARM versions of all the software they run. You'd be asking the devs not only for a Linux port, but different Linux builds for different chip architectures. That, or you would need an x86 emulator, like Box86.

Besides, OP was asking about Linux compatibility because of their Steam Deck. That's very much Proton territory.

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You still have Box64 and Box86 to run most if not over 90% of 64-bit and 32-bit applications on an ARM CPU. I don't think you understand the versatility of the Linux platform.

Yes, Box86 exists. I mentioned that.
If you have a point, I genuinely can't figure out what it is. To reiterate, this comment thread is about Steam Deck compatibility.

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Hi! I mostly really like the game but there's a bug that appears to happen in 2-4 where the player can't fire their alt weapons if they do The Bit that happens in this stage? I thought this was just the point at first but then I had another run where I *did* have access to my weapons, so I was unsure what to make of that at first. Either way, not having access to the other weapons makes the boss of that stage a lot harder and also a *lot* less enjoyable. Good game otherwise!


This one is really good. Worth adding to your library regardless of how many shooters you have.


This might be one of the best games I've ever played.

amazing shmup!!! Considering the screen resolution, I wonder if it will be ported to mobile devices...


I can't remember the last time I said "holy fuck" this often while playing something. Game's good

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This game understands effective minimal storytelling and uses it to give you one of the most memorable and epic adventures you will ever experience. MUST PLAY. Thank you so much for putting this in the bundle for Ukraine.


Absolutely one of the best shmups I've ever played. Clear, unique, interesting patterns that are manageable. Great aesthetic and crazy amounts of polish.



Game wont recognize my DS4

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Playable on Linux (Xubuntu 20.04 tested) and perhaps on OS X too: https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-4473.html

Oh, PLAY on linux. I knew I had to check somewhere why this game isn't running. Thanks for the link, I couldn't open it at ALL.

Fantastic game! BUY IT!


Awesome game! Very fun to play!
Well crafted, beautiful to look at, engaging and varied soundtrack, replayability...

If you like shmups: a must-play.
If you don't know if you like skmups: a good introduction to the genre.
If you don't like shmups: try the demo ;)


How a game can be this polished is beyond me

I really like the encounter design! The tower crab in particular stood out to me as fun and clever!

I've played around 15 minutes so far and wow the presentation is SO COOL.

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Hello im having a problem where my xbox series controller is trying to control player 1 and 2 at the same time over bluetooth, any idea how to fix it? Thanks

Edit: i fixed it by changing the controller option to manual and xinput to no gamepad.

Best game ever created

A known quirk has existed since 2018 requiring anyone wanting to play with a controller and no keyboard to change the setting to "X.Input" and "No Gamepad" under "Gamepad" in the options menu, making sure the right side P2 setting is greened out. Kind of crappy that the developer hasn't addressed this in 4 years.

Looks really cool! 


U made me a A full-time game designer


This game is so good!  Presentation, controls, and game mechanics are spot on.

Does this game work on Mac through Wine?


Works on Linux through Wine, so it probably works on Mac too

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I just picked up the game, but it seems my download page is missing the Steam key.

Edit: Got it, thanks! Looking forward to playing this amazing looking game!


I'll forever love this game

not alone 


Would absolutely buy this again on the Nintendo Switch if it were ever to get ported. I use the Flip Grip accessory to play shmups and pinball in vertical TATE on the handheld and I think ZeroRanger would be perfect on a portable system too.

Yes! I use the Flip Grip / TATE mode too and wish there were more games which supported it. This would be perfect!

Thanks, I will do this.

When I try to start the game I get this message:

FATAL ERROR in vertex shader compilation

shader name: shader_palette

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_the_controller_draw 77


Try updating DirectX, hopefully that'll fix the issue.

Update link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35&44F86079-8679-400C-B...

80 dollar Tablet PC. This helped me. Thank you. Running well.


From the trailer alone, some of the best artwork I've ever seen. The sprites, backgrounds, cutscenes, everything is top notch. Love the color scheme and the music. Nausicaa reference in the opening scroll?

I wish I wasn't such trash at shmups so I could fully enjoy this game!

Probably a silly question, but I read that the demo acts as a sort of prologue - is that included in the full release? Already bought it, but wondered if I should play the demo, too!


Many of the demo's features were added to the recent WHITE VANILLA update, so demo isn't essential  as a prologue. However in terms of gameplay it still offers somewhat different,  if less refined experience so feel free to give it a go if you're interested!

Thanks for the response!


Would love Mac support, have been wanting to try this one for AGES

The devs previously announced that they won't port ZeroRanger to other platforms until they finish adding more modes.

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Hey, are you taking requests for the game from streamers? 

(The game is) great, sad I only discovered itch.io after already owning it for 6 weeks on steam, damn you steam refund policy

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A truly phenomenal shoot ‘em up game. As a shmup enthusiast I highly recommend ZeroRanger to newbies and veterans alike. Excellent in all regards!

I notice a few comments about a Linux version. As someone who daily drives a Linux machine, I understand, but don’t let that deter you from experiencing this truly great game. For the meantime without a native port, there are a number of options for running ZeroRanger on Linux:

I was able to get the game running great in wine, which is how I regularly play the game. The wine setup for ZeroRanger is pretty simple, and I wrote some documentation on how to do it on the Wine Application Database here: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=38494

I am not familiar with Lutris, but they have a page for ZeroRanger: https://lutris.net/games/zeroranger/

The game also works well in proton, though I have noticed a slight input lag increase running it through proton vs running in wine: https://www.protondb.com/app/809020

Just refunded my Steam purchase from yesterday to buy this version. The archivable copy is a dealbreaker.

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The game Is fantastic but it would be amazing If there was the possibility of being able to play it also on Linux and Mac


I agree, I would buy it if it was on Linux.


How do I use my ps4 controller to play this game? I have it connected, but I can't switch from keyboard to controller.


Windows doesn't support Playstation controllers by default, only Xinput(xbox controllers) and Dinput(controllers made for PC), so you'd have to download Joy2key



Steam has built in support for PS4 controllers. Just use the steam key for the game. Launch the game from Steam.


i am here bec of dunkey

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