Fourth Anniversary Patch (28/09/2021)

As is a somewhat coincidental tradition, here is a yearly collection of fixes and QOL improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where a rounding mistake was able to decimate an entire high score table. Sorry about that 💦
  • Revised [ROCKET TECH] input & timing. Now requires full tilt on analog stick, but can also be suppressed by holding SLOW.
  • Added settings for fine tuning analog stick sensitivity. (If you were attached to how the analog stick felt in the previous version, the values were 30% for deadzone & 60% for full speed!)
  • Game now pauses when a gamepad in use disconnects.
  • Paintjob

That's all fine and dandy, but surely you can share some info about Black Onion?

Until next time!


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Sep 28, 2022

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Give us Hard Mode details on Halloween, call it the Enfrightenment Update >:3