Third Anniversary Update (28/09/2021)

It's the third anniversary of ZeroRanger's release! For the occasion, we've prepared an update with new features, small QoL improvements and bugfixes:


  • Lock-on buff?! Previously an all-offensive tool, Lock-on has gained some defensive properties! Upon releasing a group of locked-on lasers, a bullet-cancelling shockwave is emitted. How this shockwave works exactly depends on the ship.
  • 3-button combination input leniency: It can now be activated regardless of when each button was pressed, as long as all of them are eventually held down together. The old, stricter input method can be selected from OPTIONS -> CONTROLS if preferred.
  • Added FPS display option to VISUALS menu. (Previously only available through pressing F2)
  • Revamped CONTROLS menu a bit for better clarity.
  • A bunch of visual flair and clarifications.
  • Masher's Curse


  •  Executable no longer needs to extract itself: Resolves some cases of the game not running due to machine permissions stopping either the extraction process or the extracted files.
  • GREEN ORANGE co-op life gain was simultaneously broken in two different ways that somehow cancelled each other out and it kind of worked...? Fixed that (both of them)
  • Stage 4 SE-bonuses can no longer be collected too early so that they disappear from the SE-bonus tally.
  • A bunch of small, yet not exactly innocent bugs

Fly high!!


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Sep 28, 2021

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I love this game!

You guys rock <3