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So far I love this game! (only up to level 2)

Is there a way to quickly restart the game on game over? It seems I'm forced to go all the way back to the company title before I can start again. I can see that I'll be doing a lot of this...

Also, I had a bit of confusion with the names. I entered my name before playing the first game, but then when I died I was asked to enter it again (seems unnecessary already). The second time around I made a typo and couldn't work out how to backspace. I pressed "confirm" because I remembered first time that it asked me "is this correct?" before continuing. But this time it just went ahead and used my incorrect name on the high score table.

I will continue playing for sure, just wanted to share these while they're on my mind.

Really love this game. Can't get enough of crazy SHMUPs! :)

Tho I have a small issue: Since the last update (23122018) I cannot install the game via the app anymore. I can download it fine via browser, but not in the app. I am not sure why this may be, tho, my only guess is that the download isn't associated with an OS (Windows, Mac, Linux).

If you guys could look into it, that would be great. Thank you again for this game! :)

We indeed forgot to assign OS for this particular update. It should be fixed now, please report back if the problem persists. Thanks and sorry about the hassle!

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Updating and re-installing (checked both) works perfectly now!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you! :)

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I have two problems playing the game:

How do you start multiplayer mode?

How do you modify the controls to use anything else than keyboard keys (e.g. my direct-input controller). Are these known bugs? Will they be addressed in a future patch? If you need more details I'll be happy to provide some.


The patch that addresses all of these is out now! Sorry it took a while.
Multiplayer can be started by holding Fire 1 on the other player's controls at any time, starting from MODESELECT.

Works fine now! Thanks!!!

If I may, what folder is save data located in? I've been having PC troubles as of late so I'd like to be able to continue my progress from where I left off if I have to back things up and move to  new machine/hard drive.

I'd hate to just leave this as my only comment so I'll add that this has been a phenomenal game so far and I'm looking forward to what surprises are still left in store for me.

And thank you!

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