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The music and cinimatic quality is amazing. Saddly, the lack of infinite continues ruins the game for me; I don't want so play the exact same easy first level over and over. Now I haven't played shoot'em up games much at all so I am likely quite bad at them but I enjoy a challange. (I even enjoy permadeath is rougelikes). I really enjoy the visuals, music, and mystery but being forced to play the same begining part over and over just so that I can try a different part makes the game unfun in the worse sort of way where I feel tempted to keep playing even though playing makes me miserable. So I guess I am just not in your target market. I was really hoping that I could add this to the list of games I want to buy some day when I am no longer a student. The music and style are just so good. Best of luck with your game

For what it's worth, the full game has stage select that allows you to start from any stage you've reached so far. Extra continues can be earned as well, however they're still limited.

Oh, in that case I will add it to my wistlist. Thank you for the reply

I beat the demo. I look forwards to someday buying the game ^^

The almost monochromatic color scheme reminds me of playing games on my GameBoy.  Controls work well, though I felt a bit awkward using the z,x, and c buttons.  Would be nice to be able to change the key mapping to a,s and d instead so that my wrist can rest on my keyboard shelf's pad.  

Loved the music and sound effects!  The graphics have a good look to them once I got used to the color scheme.  Gaining some sort of extra poweful weapon (limited use, of course) would have been nice before reaching the boss.  I felt my ship was a bit underpowered for taking on the boss as I couldn't tell that I was making any dent in it.  
A very good start on this game!

Hey, I did a thing.
I'm not very good at it, but I did a thing!

This game enjoyed beating me...

Awesome game. Linux love would be great!

Dunno if that's possible, but Linux & Mac builds would be cool :)


Holy cow this game. Easily the best SHMUP I've played in a long time. And also way louder than I realized XD But at least the soundtrack's worth it!

any mac love?

I liked this game so much I donated to paypal during the raw label days and again when it hit here and odds are I'd end up buying a copy on steam (either for myself or to give away to promote it)

That was HOT. Nice visuals and cool shot/upgrade system. Loved the cameo of a certain fighter ship ;3 awaiting the full release

Hey, I have to say this was one of the best bullet-hell esque games I've played in the long time. I loved it so much that I just felt the need to make a video on it as well. I am definitely looking forward to the full release, and I would love to be able to purchase the soundtrack for this game as well, I absolutely loved it! 

My Full Thoughts: 

I played and lost and now I'm writing a letter to my congressman.  Or the tree outside. Or somebody. Just so you know.

A fine game.

That was sexy as hell. Kind of wish my fighter stood out better from the visual noise on the screen, but everything looks amazing.

Absolutely loved the game, it's so fluid and reponsive! Also had no idea it was coop until I started playing so I might try a coop run at some point. Maybe I'll actually beat it with a little help. I don't think there was one thing I didn't like about the game. Can't wait to play the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Made a video

Hey! What engine did you use? How much time did it take to make? Nice Work.

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it looks, feels and plays awesome !the graphic style is the definition of cool.... AND couch coop?! sign me in!

litteraly the best demo i have played yet, and the changes in the dialogs and cutscenes are nice enough to keep me playing it over and over :D

i was expecting something special to happen when i perfected the whole thing but hey :P

you made an awesome game my dudes, keep it up and good luck in future developement!  

Freakin' third boss. I really like the hyper feel of the levels. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

This thing is insane! Played a little bit  and it's incredible. The gameplay is tight and fun like any good shmup but the aesthetic is out of this world. That centipede thing blew my mind. A lot of little details remind me of Evangelion, which is probably what you were going for. Great demo.

Best of luck with development!

Hey, I recorded a quick video if you'd like to check it out!

Reminds me of the old arcade games. I think one of them was called Y Wing. Very cool stuff!

I love finding arcade style games on itch and this was no exception. The gameplay, art and even music where all great and worked really well together. I didn't manage to get very far but I enjoyed my time none the less. 

looks tasty. 

SLAM that download button - guaranteed to be worth it!

So why the change from FINAL BOSS to ZERORANGER?


We ultimately came to a decision that a new, more distinct name would go a long way in helping with the game's recognizability now that we're making a commercial release. "Final boss" wasn't exactly google-friendly for people trying to find information about the game after all. 

Very interesting. Love shmups. Will it also have a version available to buy directly with you?


Thank you! We'll have at least page for the final game as well for those who don't use Steam. 

Excellent news! Thanks.