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game of the year.


I accidentally said I wanted to be revived, is there a way to reverse this?

if you want to restart instead, just fall into a pit over and over until a cutscene plays. (you can button mash to resume playing if this gets triggered by mistake ).

Thank you for this, this game is like, my game of the year now lol

I'm only to the second birch tree but I'm already so so so happy. Thanks for making this. So far this is amazing.

This game is a legitimately magical experience. Thank you.

do you plan to release a linux version? or at least know if this runs fine under wine?

thank you for your time

it runs fine under wine, i played entirely on a steam deck and on a desktop mint install

thank you!

Nice void game

Played for over 100 hours. I can't say that for a lot of games. This is an extremely worthy experience, and I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you SE!

 oh what to play...

There's some Nihei inspiration in this, right?


This is likely to be my game of the year for 2023. Can't stop playing...


how do you even conceptualize this, genius

im not playing this game cause im not good at this sort of thing but i love watching friends play it and i bought it for the soundtrack

Wow the music in the trailer is great !


Amazing game so far, exactly what I was looking for!


Looks cool, any interest in porting this to Playdate? Perhaps I could help, see my profile page 🙂

Atmosphere, mystery, mind-screw, cool art, big jigglin' tiddies...

Loving everything so far <3 This is THE game I was actually excited for this year

It's great Sokoban game!


This is exciting!! The world needs more SE games. By the way, the ZeroRanger Discord server is working hard at deciphering these trailers ;) saimaa!!

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Is the server still accessible, by any chance?


Yes, there should be a link in ZeroRanger's Steam Community forum.

Congratulations on the release! I have been looking forward to trying out this game for some time. If Zero Ranger is any indication of the fun surprises Void Stranger might contain, I'm excited!